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On-Site Services


This service includes pressure washing each plate, visual inspection, re-alignment of loosened gaskets, close to proper dimension, and test for leakage at system pressure.



In some cases, a heat exchanger must be disassembled for placement in a production area or MER and then re-assembled.


For plate pack add-ons, the existing plates require cleaning to ensure leak-free closure. Other modifications, such as changing out the movable frame plate to accommodate a port strainer, are also possible.


Regasketing in the field is normally limited to glue-free gaskets. Adhesive bonded gaskets can also be applied on-site; but epoxy bonding requires oven curing. Proper chemical cleaning and dye testing cannot be performed in the field.


In cases where it is critical to reduce downtime, we can change out your plates with a new or reconditioned plate pack. Downtime will be limited to just a few hours.



On-site verification of operating parameters.



From our location in Groton, CT, we can provide on-site services to the entire Northeast. We provide replacement plates, gaskets and regasketing services throughout North America. Our heat exchanger tools are shipped worldwide.

Services at Our Facility

Over 30 years of experience ensures that your job will be handled professionally, without incident, and in a timely fashion.

The following steps are performed on every job:

1. Each plate is pressure washed to remove loose debris.

2. Old gaskets and residual adhesive (if any) are removed.

3. The plates are chemically cleaned to remove hard deposits and staining.

4. Each plate is then carefully inspected for gasket groove deformation and other damage. This important step will determine if a plate is suitable for re-use. Rolled grooves can often be straightened.

5. Each plate is then dye/penetrant tested to locate cracks and pinhole leaks. It is important to note that, unlike many shops, we test every plate, not a random sampling.

6. The specified gasket is then applied to each plate. Where bonding is required, the proper adhesive for the particular gasket material and fluids will be applied. Proper curing time and the application of pressure are required for all bonding. Epoxy bonding requires over curing under pressure.



7. Your plates will receive a final inspection and will be stacked in the correct order (or numbered) to ensure proper re-installation.



8. For our clients in the Northeast, we can provide disassembly, transport, re-assembly, and pressure testing.

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