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So that's what was causing the rattling sound.

After a successful pressure test, it is wise to give thanks to the Heat Exchanger Gods.

Some jobs are just too big to handle by yourself.

A leaking start plate gasket will cause corrosion on the frame plate and will
need repair to provide proper support. Likewise, an end plate (blank) can be
cracked and cause the same problem on the movable frame plate.

Damage to the gasket and gasket grooves is caused by over-tightening and over-pressuring.
Even a new gasket will not sit properly and is likely to leak.

Dye testing in the field is very
time consuming, but sometimes
necessary to find failed plates.

Store your gasket spares the right way.

This is what happens when something hard gets in your heat exchanger.





There are many ways to open and close your heat exchanger.

We will leave your mechanical room the same way we found it!

Can we modify your heat exchanger to utilize
an inlet strainer? Yes, we can.

Having the wrong company glue on gaskets the wrong way.

They never think about maintenance!

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